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TDR One Team invites the whole One Team Network to make 2020 a year where we all change into a better person. For that, on 1 October 2020, we will kick off ICARE - care for yourself, others, organisation and surrounding environment. How can we become excellent people? First, we need to ask ourselves: who are we? We are God's living creation who are called to work. To work with our Heart, Head and Hand.


Starting from this motto, the spirit of One Team has formed One person might be able to do many things but with a lot of people, we are not just doing something (many things), but we can also make changes. We only lived once and will never be repeated. Want to do best for others, not an easy thing for us to do individually.

Rey Ratukore, Produk TDR Sudah Teruji

TDR One Team – Jalan hidup seseorang tidak ada yang bisa nebak. Hanya Tuhan yang tau, namun penting bagi kita untuk membuat sebuah perencanaan. Karena dari situ Tuhan akan membawa atau mengarahkan kita untuk menuju kesana. Begitu pula apa yang dialami riders asal Kupang Nusa Tenggara Timur, yakni Rey Ratukore.…



TDR Secondary Sliding Sheave Assy For N-Max / Aerox (NVX) 155


TDR Wheel Bearing 2RS


TDR Z3 LED Winker Lamp (Indicator) Smoked Lens

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Read more details about our work. We work for make a happy world. We know, we can not remove poverty from the world but believe that we can decrease poverty.

Motorcycle Month

Bulan Mei adalah bulan sepeda motor, pada kesempatan ini, MITRA 2000 sebagai motorcycle specialist akan memberikan panduan bagaimana kita memperhatikan…


We have always show some serious causes for our program. This following program are now main causes for our volunteer member and volunteer.

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