YSS All Black G-Series And G-Plus

YSS proudly presents The All Black G-Series & G-Plus with Elegant Black Reservoir more stylish for your motorcycle. Designed to absorb impact using nitrogen gas on a bladder system in a separate tube. Equipped with Progressive Spring; Features with Spring Pre-load and Length Adjuster (G-Plus). Suitable Touring or Daily Use.
YSS memperkenalkan All Black untuk tipe G-Series & G-Plus. Dengan tabung warna hitam elegan meningkatkan penampilan motor Anda. Dirancang untuk meredaman benturan lebih sempurna dengan gas nitrogen dalam tabung terpisah. Diperlengkapi dengan Progressive Spring; fitur Spring Pre-load dan Length Adjuster (khusus tipe G-Plus). Cocok untuk penggunaan sehari-hari ataupun touring.

Available Type/For (Price)
Twin Shock X-Max : Rp4,600,000
Twin Shock All New N-Max, N-Max, Aerox (NVX), New PCX 150 : Rp.4,230,000
Single Shock Mio, Vario 125 : Rp.1,800,000

Video : https://youtu.be/06Beesqn3WI

Order online at oneteamstore.com -> https://bit.ly/YSS_AllBlack

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Tokopedia : http://bit.ly/Toped_Mitra2000
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JD.id : http://bit.ly/Jd_Mitra2000

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