George – YROI Chapter Cipok


“Previously we used other oil brand that is quite nice and famous, but when we try TDR Vrooam! High Performance Lubricants, the engine is not hot, clutch soft when pulled and more surprising usually we have to stop for a while if traveling long distances just to cool down the motor engine like giving it chance to breathe. But with TDR Vrooam! High Performance Lubricants we don’t have to do that. Everything is stable and Engine Performance increased significantly, WoW…

Other than TDR Vrooam Lubricants, my motorcycle also used some other TDR components such as: Spark Plug Iridium, Drive Chain TDR 520, KOSO Voltmeter and KOSO Thermometer that makes my motorcycle more comfortable for riding long journey.” – George, YROI Chapter Cipok.

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  • VR70-10w-40
    TDR VROOAM VR70 – 4T Motorcycle Engine Oil 10W‐40 1L
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  • SPARK-PLUG-TDR-TWIN-IRIDIUM-085RT-750x750Spark Plug TDR Twin Iridium 085RT
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  • thermometer-750x750
    Koso Thermometer Super Slim Style 0-120c (32-248F)
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  • voltmeter-750x750
    Koso Voltmeter Super Slim Style Dc6.0-19.9v
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